Ambit AI - The Future of Workers' Compensation Defense

Ambit is artificial intelligence machine-learning technology that reviews workers' compensation case documents to do the following:

  • Calculate important legal deadlines.

  • Develop action plans to complete thorough investigation of claims.

  • Identify legal defenses in denied and accepted claims to reduce claim costs and cycle time. 

  • Analyze credibility of the claimant for potential fraud.

  • Expedite claim resolution by settlement or trial to reduce claim costs and cycle time. 

  • Collate defense exhibits and witness information for trial preparation.

  • Increase quality and consistency of claim defense using patent-pending technology.

  • Augment and elevate human intelligence.

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AI for Claims processing

Claims processing is complicated. At any point in the process - review, investigation, adjustment, remittance, or denial - numerous issues might cause error or confusion:

Quality Control Problems

Claims processing tasks sometimes require human interaction and manual efforts that are prone to errors.

Automation Roadblocks

Claims come in different formats. These varied forms of customer data often complicates automation efforts.

Collaboration Difficulties

Redundant efforts by those working on a claim are common, and disagreements on the case's facts sometimes arise.


Smart Data Extraction

The documents that make up a Worker Compensation claim typically contain hundreds of pages of unstructured content in a wide variety of formats. Efficiently finding and evaluating information provided within a claim has been a task that has challenged insurance companies and legal firms for years. But not anymore! More than Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Ambit employs sophisticated artificial intelligence technologies to bubble up the data needed to advance the claims process, and to organize the data to make decision-making easier.


Better Process

Ambit transforms the claims handling process to eliminate rote tasks like filing and frees claims analysts to focus on and assists them with, more value-add activities. This augmented intelligence extends beyond the claims administration process into the legal arena as well. By incorporating the Award-Winning strategy “Breaking The Habit”, Ambit facilitates a claim’s legal evaluation by automatically flagging possible areas of concern, placing claim artifacts in a timeframe-context, and prompting suggested tasks and legal actions to consider. 


Lower Costs

A centralized repository that eliminates emailing. With Ambit in place to administer and defend litigated and non-litigated workers’ compensation claims, clients can expect increased efficiency and consistency, and an approximate 50% reduction in average total claim costs (medical, indemnity, and allocated loss expenses), claim cycle-time, and associated personnel costs.



Settle Cases Faster

Now process claim documents, extract relevant data, and generate actionable reports in minutes, not hours! Ambit, with intelligent technologies and the “Breaking The Habit” strategy enables law and insurance firms to settle cases faster and save money. Every single document and piece of new mail related to the claim is reviewed instantly.  Keep track of important documentary evidence for trial and witnesses.


Easy Document Organization

Organize claim documents effortlessly in a centralized repository with sophisticated search capabilities! Ambit helps you identify the latest, processed, and corrupted files. Classify policy documents, client documents, payroll, and other documents, seamlessly within minutes - including the identification of important and necessary documents that are missing from the claim, or the relevant documents to support any workflow.

Easier & Faster Analysis

Automate analyzing complex data and contexts with Ambit. Generate a comprehensive report detailing case summary, action plan, list of missing documents, and defense suggestions, rapidly, and with minimal effort -- with machine-like consistency in legal knowledge, skill, and thorough analysis. Identify documentary evidence of fraud automatically to assist SIU investigators.

Reduce Human Errors

Lengthy manual processes contribute to a higher frequency of human errors. By reducing the tedium of claim processing efforts, Ambit enables litigation firms to enhance efficiency and improve services with automated calculation and reminders for important legal deadlines. Identify contradictory claim information.

Ease Personnel Issues

Personnel training is faster because Ambit handles or augments many tasks and simplifies file related housekeeping. At the same time, the work of claims adjusters becomes more interesting. The claims and legal staff have more time to devote to higher-level claim settlement tasks or to trial practice. 

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Established in 2006, Sapra & Navarra is dedicated to providing workers’ compensation defense for insurance companies and self-insured employers in California. To help their clients save maximum time and money they follow a unique strategy they call “Breaking The Habit” that triages the complex, expensive, and time-consuming Workers Compensation process. Sapra & Navarra conceptualized the vision of Ambit as an extension of this unique strategy embodied with artificial intelligence technologies to optimize results for their clients.


Fingent is a global IT company that develops strategic software solutions. Their well-honed project management approach and deep bench of professionals equip them to rapidly address their clients' important and complex business challenges with high quality, cutting-edge, and secure software. Working closely with Sapra & Navarra, Fingent researched and deployed the AI technologies while simultaneously creating the workflow and user interfaces needed to bring the Ambit vision to life.

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